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What is A1-Webmarks about?

A1-Webmarks is a free service that combines the convenience of a personal webmark server with the power of social webmarking.

Personal Webmark Server

A personal webmark server is a website where you keep all your webmarks in a well-organized way, so that your favorite sites are easy to find, and available from any browser, everywhere in the world, at any time. Anywhere 1 click away.

A1-Webmarks offers

Social Webmarking

Social webmarking uses the combined information collected by all A1-Webmarks users to point you to sites you are likely to like.

A1-Webmarks offers

How to use A1-Webmarks

You find all the information in the Instructions. You might also want to visit the FAQ page.

Have a Quick Look

To get an impression on how your personal My Webmarks pages could look like once you signed up, you can see the webmarks of our demo user Sam or the lists of user Sam.

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